What Women like And dislike the most In Men

When we feel attracted to someone, we are afraid that he will not reciprocate us with the same attraction. We make every effort to please the other individual and win his love. As a result, as a man, we want to know what women like and dislike in order to have a chance to win her heart.

What Women Like In Men?

People are drawn to people who are close to them and who remind them of loved ones like their friends, according to Beverly Palmer, a psychology professor at the University of California. People are less attracted to people who are really different from them.

1.The behavioral qualities that women like in a man :

There are characteristics that women like in men, some of which are behavioral, some of which are physical. The following are some behavioral characteristics :

Ambitious: women love the ambitious man, who has the ability to pursue his goals and achieve what he wants. Ambition is a trait that women find very attractive in men.

Optimism: Women love the man who is able to make them laugh. The one who knows the value of humor and what it can do for the body and soul. The optimistic and cheerful man who laughs at the simplest things is the man who attracts women.

Honesty: A trustworthy, honest man is the man who attracts a woman. A woman loves a man who is sure that he will tell her the truth no matter what it is. Of course, this does not mean that the man tells her that she does not look beautiful or that her weight is overweight because this is definitely something the woman does not like to hear. The female would like to know what is really happening in a man’s life with full transparency.

Support: The presence of a woman with a man who supports her and stands next to her in everything. She does love his interest and belief in her, and his confidence in her abilities and capabilities. This will be an important factor in her attraction to him on one hand. On the other hand, it will enhance the strength of their relationship and make the tension between them less.

Independence: women love the strong man who can live his life independently. The one who can rely on himself, his skills, and intelligence. The man who has enough maturity so that he doesn’t fear anything in life is who can attract a woman.

Social Intelligence: The man who has enough social intelligence will undoubtedly attract women. Women always complain about men who fail socially and do not understand the hidden messages in their speech. They prefer men who are socially skilled, who know how to communicate well with them and others.

Compassion: Women love a tender, compassionate husband who makes them feel reassured. Affection is a trait that must be present for the success of any relationship between two people. It is the way that helps build trust between them.

2.Physical attractiveness :

There are a variety of physical attributes that make men more appealing to women. These attributes may vary depending on the preferences of women, but most women choose traits like:

Skin:  Women favor men with clean skin and they feel alienated if a man’s skin is blemished. Men may get better skin by eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and applying masks.

Beard: We can all agree that a nice beard makes many men more attractive. However, if it grows unequally, with some areas becoming denser than others, it’s best to shave for a better appearance.

Hair: The right haircut is one of the most important physical aspects that attract many women. It’s because a haircut completely changes the appearance of a man. So a man can choose a new haircut if he wants to have an attractive and different look.

Physical fitness: Maintaining a slender figure and a healthy body is one of the most important factors. This increases the man’s self-confidence, which increases the chances of a woman admiring him. As for the lean body and the curvature of the back, it shows tat the man is not confident in himself, which makes him less attractive to the other party.

Personal hygiene: Maintaining personal hygiene is an important factor in physical attractiveness. A woman will not feel attracted to a man from whom he smells foul, or looks unclean or out of good clothes.

Women prefer a man who preserves his shape, body, and appearance on the one hand. On the other hand, the one who preserves, respects and appreciates her feelings.

What women Hate About Men?

Physical attractiveness is important at the beginning of the relationship, as women are initially attracted to the man who has a higher than average aesthetics, which varies according to the tastes of women, but this gradually begins to fade away after the relationship becomes more serious, and now that we know what attracts women in a man let’s learn about the most important physical and behavioral traits that most women hate in men:

1.Behavioral traits that women hate in men :

There are a number of behavioral traits that most women hate in men, such as:

Ignoring: Women hate to be ignored by men, especially when they are with friends, because this involves a lack of respect for them, and it shows the lack of interest of men in them.

Insult: Women value dignity, but the presence of a man who insults her, does not respect her, and speaks to her in vulgar language makes her uninterested in him and makes her want to avoid him.

Lying: Women hate lying and it is a sufficient reason for them to stop any relationship, no matter how strong. So if you dear reader a man keep in mind that women are not attracted to men who lie.

Vanity: Women love a self-confident man of course, but they do not prefer a conceited, arrogant man who throws a list of his accomplishments on their ears whenever he sees them.

Silence: Women by nature love to talk and love to be listened to, so silence, lack of response to her, and restriction of her need to speak alienate her and make the man less attractive in her view.

Neglect: Women love attention and hate neglect in all its forms, such as not contacting her to check on her condition.

Suspicion: The woman loves jealousy, but within her reasonable limits . The prblems begin when the jealousy turns into suspicion that restricts her freedom, and makes her feel a lack of confidence between her and the man she loves.

2.Physical traits that women hate in men :

Despite the different tastes of women, most women hate some of the physical characteristics that men have, such as:

Pale face: Having a pale face, dark circles, and wrinkles is something that many women hate in a man, making him less attractive in their eyes.

Back curved: bending the back and relaxing the shoulders when sitting and standing are physical characteristics that make men less attractive in the eyes of women.

Fat accumulation: The accumulation of fat and lack of muscle may make men less attractive in the eyes of women. Having a slim body and muscular curves increases the attraction of women to men.

 Lack of personal hygiene: Lack of attention to personal hygiene, such as bad armpit odor, bad smell from the mouth, or wearing dirty clothes, are all things that reduce the likelihood of a woman being attracted to a man.

 Lack of taste: Women do not like a man who does not have any taste in choosing his clothes, such as wearing tight or very loose clothes, so the man’s enjoyment of a sense of fashion is one of the factors that women are attracted to.

Most women are not attracted to a man who does not care about his personal hygiene or his appearance, or a man who has qualities such as vanity and lying, or a man who insults her by word or deed.