Most aggressive animals in the world

As people, we are constantly at war with death, it is a daily fight. We should eat to not die from starving. We should see a doctor to treat our illness, we try to stay away from danger so we can live another day. Fear of death keeps us alive, we’ve all pictured our own death. Whether it’s from aging surrounded by grandsons and granddaughters, or from a plane crash or a car accident. Nor have all of us ever imagined that an animal will be the cause of our death? In this article, we are going to talk about the most aggressive animals in the world.


Hippo is usually presented in animated films as a cute and adorable animal, but it can be life-threatening. The males and females of this huge animal may have special reasons for attacking humans. For example, the male hippo always does its best to defend its territory such as the banks of a lake. On the other hand, female hippos can be very aggressive when it comes to protecting their young. Either way, the huge mouths of hippos can kill anyone.

9.Australian Jellyfish

This type of jellyfish lives in the northern oceans of Australia, and it is among the most dangerous poisonous creatures. It has about 60 tentacles up to 15 feet long and is present under a large cover in the form of a bell or jellyfish. These arms contain thousands of sting cells. These microscopic cells are like small capsules, containing inside a coiled tube that ends in the form of a syringe, and in a milliliter spot, there are thousands of these poisonous cells.


These brown bears that live in North America can weigh up to 800 kg, and reach 8 feet. Although its weight the speed of this bear can reach about 30 miles per hour. Common reasons for attacking and killing humans include defending their cubs or extreme hunger.

7.Grand requin blanc

These sharks can be up to 15 feet long, have rows of sharp, saw-like teeth which number can go up to 300. The size of its mouth and jaws reaches four feet. Humans are not their favorite meal, as the great white shark prefers sea lions and seals. They tend to explore their environment using their mouths, and therefore most attacks on humans are just test bites, as the white shark retreats immediately after biting any creature, but this bite is serious enough to kill humans.

6.The Elephant

It is one of the largest mammals that live on Earth, and it is native to Africa and several parts of the Asian continent. Everyone thinks that elephants are giant but gentle animals, but they can show unexpected and aggressive behavior. You may have heard of the captive elephant who was always nice to his guard and suddenly without warning, attacked him! The elephant, thanks to its tremendous weight, can crush and kill anyone in its path.


Crocodiles are one of the largest reptiles on the planet. Among their most dangerous species, we find the Nile crocodiles responsible for killing hundreds of people annually. There are several parts of the world where crocodiles flourish such as the Americas, Australia, Asia, and the tropics of Africa. Wherever you find lakes, swamps, and stagnant rivers, crocodiles are bound to be nearby. Alligators usually reach 20 feet in length and have ears and eyes at the top of its head, which allows them to hear and see their prey quickly.


No wonder this animal is present in this list. This animal is one of the anmials that can kill a lion . Buffaloes can be very aggressive as they are responsible for killing more than 200 people every year and this is why it is called the “black death” by the locals. The buffalo weighs up to 1800 kg and its tool is its sharp horns.


There are many types of snakes threatening human life, as researchers noted that 450 of these species contain venom, and 250 of them can kill humans. The carpet snake is responsible for the largest number of deaths due to snakebite. The victim of its venom can bleed to death because his blood does not coagulate.

2.The African lion

The lion is known for its ferocity, sharp fangs, claws, and astonishing speed when it hunts its prey, and it usually females kill in search of food, while males kill to protect their pride. Based on statistics, lions are responsible for more than a hundred deaths.


You may be surprised that an insect occupies the first place, but the lesson here is not the size. Although these creatures are very small, they are very lethal, as more than a million people die annually due to the life-threatening diseases that these insects transmit such as malaria and yellow fever, West Nile virus, elephantiasis, and dengue fever. Thus mosquitoes are the first on the list of the most aggressive animals.learn more