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The benefits of sports

Sport is one of the most important activities that we must maintain daily.  this is because sport has many and multiple benefits on the body in general. it makes a person’s life completely different and even addresses many health problems. In this article, we gonna discuss the benefits of sports at different levels.

The definition of sports

Sports are some of the physical activities that take place through the body, whether it is movement, such as running, walking and some other games or it is stillness, such as yoga, meditation, and some mathematics that are considered within the field of mental health and psychotherapy.

They are practiced through an agreed set of rules that are followed regularly under the supervision of a specialized trainer or without a trainer through studying or watching some specialized programs in that. The practice of sport aims at entertainment, competition, fun, developing skills and self-confidence, or getting out of disturbances.

The best way to be active in sports

-Before you start engaging in any activity or sport. We must take some procedures and steps that help us fully and correctly benefit from sport and at the entire body level. Among these procedures:

-First, we must undergo a full medical examination. To ensure the integrity of the body and that the individual has no health problems which makes him able to run, walk and do some vigorous activities.

-Choose a type of sport that you like. So that the purpose of pleasure and full benefit is achieved because doing some activities without feeling pleasure is useless.

-Start with easy and light activities and then gradually move up to other types of activities in order not to get bored quickly or get tired due to the sudden exertion of the body.

-Training for short periods in the beginning and then slowly increase the exercise time so that you do not exert yourself.

-Not stopping for long periods and then coming back, because it does not bring benefit, but rather exhausts the body.

-Not thinking about anything or a problem during training. You can even listen to specific music or songs that increase your enthusiasm.

The benefits of sports for a healthy body

There are many benefits when doing different types of exercise. Such as:

-Exercising strengthens and promotes muscle and bone health.

-Exercising regularly does not make the bones tender and difficult to move, but rather makes the bones soft and easy to move.

-Sport gives the body a decent and attractive appearance without sagging .

-Sport is one of the most common means that increase one’s appetite because during practice, the individual works a lot and burns a lot of calories.

-It eliminates the accumulated fats in the body and eliminates the extra calories through burning.

-It protects the body from infection with some serious and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

-Increasing the strength and resistance of the immune system to some diseases.

-Sport protects an individual from developing osteoporosis.

-Sports delays old age, and even makes it small in shape despite aging.

The benefits of sports on the psychological level

Sport has many and varying advantages, the most significant of which are those that are obtained on a psychological level, as they lead to:

-The beauty and the attractive shape that sport brings in an individual is one of the most things that increase the individual’s self-confidence.

-Sport is one of the most effective ways to eliminate boredom and routine in free time, including not thinking negatively.

-Some types of sports, such as yoga and meditation, are among the types that most often treat anxiety and depression.

-Sport helps us control an individual’s nervousness, control stress, and balance things.

-Exercise eliminates insomnia and excessive thinking and promotes good and calm sleep.

-Exercising in the early morning makes the individual able to regulate his sleep schedules and thus be a healthy individual who adheres to healthy habits, including early waking and early sleep.

The benefits of sports on the mental level

Sport aslo has many benifits on mental level , as it works on:

-Exercise makes the person calm without many distracted thoughts.

-It raises an individual’s level of intelligence by activating the mind and thereby increasing emotional intelligence and psychomotor intelligence.

-Exercise improves spontaniety .

-Exercise makes a person able to focus for extended periods of time greatly. Walking, yoga and meditation are the best types of sports that help with this. So sports are important if you are seeking how to study effectively.

-And because sport increases intelligence and focus, it is very useful for students in different stages of study, as it increases academic achievement and makes the student active and willing to study without boredom or laziness.

Kinds of sports

There are many types of sport. Through which the benefits of sport are fully utilized on the psychological, mental, and physical level as well. All types of sport are useful and the individual practice them according to his interest and preferences, and among these types:

body building.

Lifting weights.




Free and restricted petanque.



The long jump.

High jump.

obstacle race.


Throwing a hammer.

Discus throwing.


Table Tennis.