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How to take care of your hair

Women strive to look beautiful and demonstrate their female beauty by taking care of themselves. Taking care of your face, body, and especially your hair is essential to displaying your beauty. Many women have hair problems and are unsure of how to care for their hair. We’ve included some tips and methods in this article that will benefit you regardless of your hair type.

hair care :

Many people suffer from hair problems and defects, which are many, including brittleness, weakness in general, loss of luster and vitality, in addition to hair loss and slow hair growth. In this article, we will present some hair care methods to avoid these problems.

Among the habits that increase hair problems and defects are:

-The frequent washing and drying and the frequent use of water added to sterile chlorine in the process of bathing the hair, which leads to dryness, brittleness, and loss of hair.

-The frequent use of electric hair dryer, or electric hair curlers,

-Frequent swimming, or even washing hair in the detergent itself.

Dry hair care :

Dry hair is characterized by its dryness and a low secretion of oils by the sebaceous glands. So the hair luster decreases, and it must be taken care of and consulted with cosmetic experts and doctors. There are some tips to take care of dry hair:

-Avoid dyes that contain chemicals that affect your hair follicles and weaken them. These dyes may also result in various cancers, in addition to the blow-dry that leads to its brittleness and dryness.

-Go on a weekly oil bath in order to stimulate blood circulation to your scalp, and to secrete fats that reduce the dryness of your hair.

-Massage your hair a lot with your fingers and comb it a lot. This method encourages the secretion of sebum, and this makes your hair care done by your body itself.

-You have to pay attention to the type of food you eat, as you should focus on foods rich in fats, and eat foods rich in protein, as they improve dry hair.

Colored hair care :

We all know that the dye affects the hair and its strength, growth, and density. It contains strong chemicals that have great damage, especially if the hair is already damaged. So if your air suffers from as breakage here are some tips that will help you:

-Weak hair cannot withstand the effects of dyeing products chemicals. So avoid dyeing your hair if your hair suffers from weakness or split ends.

-Before dyeing your hair, you must make sure of the chosen color, to protect your hair from chemical damage in case the color does not suit your skin.

-Avoid dyeing at home, and go to someone who is skilled in dyeing in salons. But if you have to dye it at home, read the complete instructions on the package.

-Do an oil bath continuously, ensuring the utmost care for your dyed hair. Use a shampoo for dyed hair, as it preserves the color of the dye more than regular shampoos.

-The dye leads to damage to your hair, and if this happens, you must treat it with natural methods and recipes, and the best one is to use a mixture of ground fenugreek with yogurt, apply it two hours before showering, then wash it.

Curly hair :

Curly hair draws attention due to its roughness and tangling strands, and it needs care that surpasses all other types, Here are some tips and methods that we recommend:

-Avoid combing your hair with a brush; it will make it look disheveled, and use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush.

-Always make sure to add shine to the strands of hair, by spraying a spray rich in shine. You can use your fingers in the process of loosening tangled hair strands.

-After washing the hair, you should not comb it while it is wet, and let it dry on its own.

Damaged hair :

Damaged hair needs care, treatment and medication for damage, in order to restore its vitality and gain effective moisture, increasing its radiance and beauty, so we recommend the following to take care of damaged hair:

-Try to get rid of damaged strands by cutting them, to allow them to grow again. Go on cutting the ends of your hair every 6 or 8 weeks, to get rid of any damaged hair.

-Try to avoid or reduce the use of blow dry that damages your hair, weakens it and wastes your efforts to take care of your damaged hair, and if you have to use it, make sure that its temperature is not high, and keep it far enough.

-Try to use a soft bristle brush so it doesn’t hurt and tear your hair.

Light hair :

-Use a shampoo suitable for your thinning hair to intensify and nourish it.

-Try to resort to haircuts that hide its lightness, and that vary between long and short, increasing its volume.

-Use natural mixtures of oils to thicken the strands.

-Use appropriate creams for thinning hair.

Split hair care :

To take care of split hair, follow these tips:

-Always use an oil bath for your hair, as it treats these breakouts.

-Try to untangle the tangles between your hair strands; as long as they remain, they will split and tear your hair.

-Use conditioner regularly, as it makes your hair easier to brush, does not split or dry it out.

-Do not leave your hair exposed to air after washing, as it becomes vulnerable to breakage, so cover it until it dries.

 -To ensure the best results for split hair care, limit the use of blow-dry, and all appliances that are extremely hot.

Care for coarse hair :

Coarse hair is difficult to style, and its strands are intertwined, so we recommend that you take care of coarse hair by following these tips:

-Keep on making oil baths for your hair, as it is more prone to drying out and an oil bath refreshes it and protects it from drying out.

 -Do not resort to using alcohol-based preparations, as they do not cure it, but rather add to wrinkling and cause other defects.

 -Stay away from blow-dry, and use hair gel that reduces frizz and frizz.

Long hair care :

Long hair needs more care than short one to maintain its beauty and strength, so stick to the following to take care of long hair:

-To protect your hair from split ends, trim the ends every eight weeks, and do not expose them to air after washing.

-Your hair needs an oil bath every week, and if your hair is dull, it needs an oil bath twice a week.

Note: this article is not a medical reference, please see a doctor !!