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How to organize your time

Nowadays, we live in a world where there are a plethora of distractions: social media, video games, television dramas, and so on. You can’t do much in your life if you waste time. To accomplish your aims, you must efficiently control your time and have a realistic plan for the future. Whether you want to buy a luxury car, get a woman attention , or even live in one of the world’s tallest buildings, achieving any of these goals requires you to work hard and smart. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can organize your time to achieve your goals.

1.The concept of time and its definition :

Time was defined long ago by philosophers, and it is defined as a period that can be measured and determined. It is a continuum of temporal dimensions that can be measured through mathematical and scientific methods. The scientific definition of time is a measure of the evolution of events to the future without going back.

The concept of time is discussed according to philosophical, material, scientific, biological, and material levels. Although time is something intangible and imperceptible, it is something that exists and can be measured.

Time is considered one of the important things that have been found in our life. It helped man understand the chronology and increase the ability to separate the events that he passes through.

For example, we all distinguish the events that happened with us in the past and those in the present. We also have the possibility of predicting future events. learn more

2.why you have to organize your time :

Time management has many benefits to the individual, the most important of which are:

-Accomplish the required goals within a shorter period of time.

-Achieving balance in all matters of life, so there is a time for work and a time for personal matters.

-Get enough time to do the activities the person likes.

-Reaching the required goals with ease.

-Promote a sense of self-confidence due to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

-Complete all tasks on time, without any delay or delay. to organize your time :

Time management requires a few simple steps that have an effect in the long run. These steps are as follows:

Setting goals :

As the old saying says, “Lost time is never found again”. This is evidence of the importance of organizing time and dividing it in an ideal way. The first thing that must be done to organize time is to define the goals that a person wants to achieve, and what methods must be followed in order to reach these goals . You also have to find the activities that will encourage you to use your time actively , with the need to follow up on the goals, which must be done within a specific period of time.

You must identify what encourage you and arouse your passion :

Such as thinking about academic achievements, getting more money, a promotion in the job, thinking about marriage, or seeking a solution to the challenges you face in life and how overcoming them would change your life for the better.

Arrange the set goals according to their importance and priority :

Several priorities are taken into consideration which include the following:

-Unimportant and non-urgent goal: This goal is not considered an important goal, and therefore it can be postponed for some time.

-Unimportant goal: This is one of the goals that others can be given a task to do.

-A non-urgent goal: a goal whose implementation is not very important, and which can be accomplished at any time.

-Urgent goal: It is a goal that must be implemented quickly.

For example, if a person is a student, he should focus on his studies and on the way in which he can collect money to pay university tuition. If he is a worker, he must think about how to accomplish all the tasks required of him to obtain a promotion. If he is planning to marry soon his priority should be to find a way to collect enough money in order to settle down. Thus the person must arrange his goals in the correct order while giving each goal sufficient time to achieve it without infringing on other goals. Organizing goals in this way makes the next steps to take clear, making the goals easy to achieve.

Set goals smartly :

It is important to have the goals set intelligently, in order to achieve them more effectively. Among the best methods that can be followed to set goals intelligently are the following:

-The goals set must be focused on one specific thing and not general or unclear. If the goals are general and unclear, this will affect the way they are implemented. For example, when thinking about losing weight, the wrong goal in this case: I want to reduce my weight to be graceful, and the correct goal: I want to reduce the equivalent of 2 kilograms per week, and after two months my weight will be 98 kilograms.

-The measurability of goals, which is intended to be the ability to determine whether the desired goal has been achieved or not and how far he succeeded. For instance, in the previous example, when planning to lose weight, the weight that the person wants to reach must be determined, so that the person can decide if he made a progress or not. So while setting your goals the next time remember to make them measurable.

-The possibility of achieving the goal, as the goal must be set in proportion to the person’s capabilities and energies. For example, if a person does not eat healthy food throughout his life, then it is not permissible to put a diet composed entirely of vegetables and fruits, because he will not continue at all and he will never meet the target he set.

-Linking the set goal to a specific period of time. When linking the plan to be achieved with a specific period of time and adhering to it without delay, it will help to reach the goal in a short time, and the person will be able to get a lot of free time to do what he likes.

Writing goals :

So you decided what you want to achieve but keep in mind, a person is subject to forgetfulness. The goals to be achieved must be written on a piece of paper and hung on a place he sees frequently, such as a refrigerator, a mirror, or even a television.

Establish practical steps :

When the goal is large, it should be divided into small steps. The method of implementing each step also should be determined, and thus the goal will be achieved without laziness.

Commitment to implementation :

Because the goals are a permanent activity that does not stop, a follow-up plan must be developed. Each one of your goals must have a plan. It ensures commitment so you can achieve all the required goals without fatigue or laziness.

Arrange plans in advance :

If you really want to organize your time this step is considered one of the most important ones. Instead of wasting time thinking about the tasks that must be completed in the day, it is possible to make a chronological arrangement of tasks from most important to least important, and thus time will be available to complete them one by one.

Pay as much attention as possible :

There are many things that distract a person while performing his tasks. For example, talking with people or browsing social media more than once, which causes wasted time that is so precious in implementing the plan, so it is best to sit alone while doing any task, taking into account the phone is closed and left away from the place, and preserve some free time to browse social media after completing your daily tasks.