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How to Choose the Right Perfume

There is no doubt that you are on a constant search for the aromatic flavor that suits you, experimenting with touches, types, and ingredients in all seasons, visiting stores, and checking out the latest releases of the luxury brands. However, in order to find what you want quickly and easily without making mistakes that offend your different looks, we offer you these tips that will help Choose the Right Perfume.

1.Learn how to smell perfumes

First, you must know that a perfume store is not an ideal place to choose what suits you best. There are many and varied scents that mix with each other, which may lead you to the wrong choice. In this case, in order to avoid a mistake, it is best to apply these tips:

-Do not wear any kind of perfume before you go to the store, because this undoubtedly affects your choice.

– In case you want to try a perfume, sprinkle a little of it on the paper designated for that. If you like it, put some of it on the top of your fist. This helps you to know how the components of the fragrance interact with your skin.

-Do not rub your skin as this negatively affects the perfume molecules.

-Do not try more than 3 perfumes, because, after that, you may reach a level of sufficiency in the sense of smell, which means that you will not be able to distinguish between the different smells. But if you want to test more perfumes, it is better to take a break and smell some coffee beans.

2.Know that every skin has its own scent

Why do the scents of some perfumes look beautiful when some of them use them? and the opposite of that when others apply them? Many believe that it is related to hair color, but it is actually due to the skin that reacts to fragrance ingredients. The smoother the skin, the longer it retains its particles. Also, oily skin reacts to aromatic substances more than dry ones. There are other factors that affect the quality of the skin and thus its relationship to perfumes, including taking some medications.

3. Mix the scents

Yes, to get a suitable and unique perfume, you can create it yourself to turn it into an identity for you. To this end, we invite you, for example, to apply the cream and then the toilet water in condition that both have harmonious scents. But it is better if the smell you are getting is not too intense and annoying. And do not forget in this context the scents of the products that you use to style your hair, such as hair spray and others … they affect your general scent as well.

Which perfumes for any occasions?

job interview

You read our article about how to find a job easily, you applied our advice and you are called to an interview, are you concerned about your look? It is the fragrance that will give it an unparalleled touch. However, in this case, there is no need for you to choose a new perfume, but rather find out what do you like in your everyday perfume because in this case, you won’t have the time to experiment with new aromatic flavors. So, be quick to enjoy the touch of a perfume that has a calming composition in its heart, this may help you not to feel stressed, and avoid all the loud perfumes that would disturb the interviewer.

A passionate encounter

Are you dressed to be ready to meet your husband at a restaurant? In a romantic place? So, you intend to look the best. To this end, we recommend that you add to your look a fragrance with cherry extract and vanilla or another perfume that contains in its composition the smell of pears, vanilla, and chocolate. As for if you are an oriental woman, we invite you to choose a fragrance with notes of musk, vanilla, spices, and precious woods.

Day at home

Have you decided to spend the day in your home with your family members? So, surround your presence with a scent that harmonizes with the warm, soft, and calm atmosphere in which you live. To this end, choose a perfume that contains in its base a touch of white musk. It suits your yearning to relax.


You may know that the fragrance and the sun is not the best match, as the first contains compounds that are sensitive to the second rays, meaning that the interaction of these components with these rays leads to the appearance of brown spots on your clothes and may cause your skin to burn. So, it is not possible to choose your perfume freely if you decide to spend your vacation in the sun’s rays, but you have to choose the one that takes into account the standards and precautions of summer. This is in the day, and in the evening we invite you to add a touch of perfume to your look that contains the flavors of salicylic acid, which brings to your memory the whiff of sunscreen and warm sand.

Which perfume fits your personality?

Do you know that each perfume has its own personality, any flavor that fits an aspect of your personality and is consistent with it? Yes, this matter is related to its ingredients and the aromas it presents to you, which means that you can choose from perfumes that are consistent with your psychological and life orientations. Here’s more.

You are sporty, energetic and bright

So, go to perfumes that contain in their basic composition a member of the citrus family because they reflect freshness, agility, and movement, especially if they consist of notes of grapefruit, sour, or lemon blossom. Be precise in what you choose and shine.

You are romantic and emotional

This means that you are sensitive, emotionally generous, tender, and ready to sacrifice for the sake of the one you love. So, you only have to choose, in this case, the perfumes rich with touches of roses, especially roses, jasmine, and lilac. Are you ready to enter this park?

You are serious and impulsive

Can we describe your personality this way? If your answer is “yes,” then that indicates that the musk notes are the perfect fit for you. And you know very well that luxury brands have been producing perfumes for years that contain this luxurious substance. So, you shouldn’t have much difficulty choosing.

You are mysterious and daring

Know that perfumes with a touch of amber will suit your personality in this case. Do not hesitate to choose one of them and turn into an undisputed woman.

You are not expected

By this, we mean that no one can predict your reactions to various events. You are acting in the way that suits you, meaning that you enjoy complete independence and self-confidence. So which perfume is right for you? They are, of course, those that are based on the scents of wood or that rely on spicy notes and warm oriental touches, in addition to the flavors of dry skin. Now, head to your usual perfume store. What are you waiting for?

brave to the point of recklessness

You are confident in yourself and ready to go on any road without hesitation or fear. You are also ambitious and decisive about your decisions and you know exactly what you want and what you want to achieve. So, choose perfumes that are full of cypress or classic notes.

you are stylish

By this, we mean that you love to follow the latest fashion trends in successive seasons and wear everything new. Perhaps this means that your best options are warm and oriental fragrances.