How to Choose Good Clothes

Being beautiful is not just about taking care of your face, or taking care of your hair. It is also about wearing suitable clothes that fit you. The method of choosing clothes that suits you is a confusing issue for many of both sexes; whether they are male or female, They both look for elegance and beauty in their clothes. As they consider it a way to show the most important and most prominent features of their personality. Whether it is beautiful or precious, or its colors are charming and many other criteria are adopted in the judgments. The shapes and types of clothes differ from one person to another, according to the physical differences between them. Such as height, weight, and skin color. Here we will talk about the most important methods used to choose clothes within the required criteria in each person :

How do I choose my clothes?

-When starting the process of choosing clothes, you must first determine whether your body is thin or fat; Long or short In order to maintain the beauty and elegance of your body. If you suffer from excess body fat and weight gain, you should always resort to dark colors, which make you look thinner. And hide the flaws of your body, and stay away from light-colored clothes, that will expose the features of your body plump.

-Also, stay away from clothes that contain lines drawn crosswise if you are obese. As they make your body appear full in a very striking way. So replace them with clothes that contain longitudinal lines, as they make you appear thin.

-If you suffer from shortness, try to choose clothes that contain longitudinal lines, as they give you a beautiful length.

-But if you suffer from extreme thinness and would like to appear full; you only have to resort to wearing bloated clothes to hide the flaws of your thinness, and to buy light-colored clothes that show your body full and not thin.

-Whoever suffers from fullness in his body must choose wide clothes to hide the flaws of his body; and to avoid tight clothes as they paint the body flaws.

-Those who suffer from excessive thinness should always choose bulging and wide clothes that increase the size of his body and hide his thinness.

-Concerning tall females, we advise them to stop wearing high heels because it distorts their length a lot, and to stay away from wearing short jackets and replace them with long ones because they make them appear shorter.

-For women with broad shoulders, avoid wearing accessories on her neck because it harms her beauty and makes her shoulders appear wider.

-As for the pregnant woman, all she has to do is choose wide clothes that relax her body and do not put pressure on her stomach, and tend to dark-colored clothes, because it makes her appear thinner.

How do I choose the colors of my clothes

Many girls suffer from confusion in the way they choose the colors of their clothes; which leads them to wear clothes with unsuitable colors. Do not know how to coordinate the colors of their clothes, so they go out wearing clothes with the same look every day, or even they abuse the choice of clothes colors. So they come out with clothes and colors completely unsuitable for the nature of the occasion or the conditions; which causes them embarrassment. There is no doubt that the clothes and their colors give a glimpse of the nature of your personality, as well as a first impression; so try hard to take care of your appearance. There is a set of tips and methods that you must follow that may help you choose your clothes.

Clothing Color Selection Guide

-Use the color circle: you can get it from the Internet, the color circle helps you to know the colors that are consistent with each other; as every two opposite colors are homogeneous, and every two colors next to each other are also consistent.

-When wearing neon colors, make sure that you wear one or two pieces at most because too many of these colors distort the appearance of your elegance and cause inconvenience to others.

-In the event that you wore striped clothes (monochrome) in two colors, such as black and white; add to your clothes a bright third color such as pink, or blue, to be brighter and more elegant.

-To be glamorous, make your look tri-color, because this arrangement will increase your joy. You should pay attention to your skin tone and the colors that go well with your complexion. You can know your skin tone by sitting in front of a mirror in a room filled with natural light.

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